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* Perennial or annual?
Perennial. The plants wilt, and look dead, as nothing much will remain above the soil. But the roots are strong and will survive – provided you don’t leave it out in the frost and don’t water it too much – see below.

* Indoors or outdoors?
The plants will not survive frost. So, take them inside if temperatures start to drop. In Barberton, South Africa we have nights just above 0 C / 32 F and the plants will survive, but lower than that would kill them – so, don’t take the risk.

* Watering
Most people kill their gerberas by watering them TOO MUCH.
They are strong plants: surviving here in the wild for months without rain in blistering heat, on arid mountain hills.
Give them too much water and the roots will start to rot. Perhaps moisturising them with a water sprayer will keep them looking fresh, but don’t put (too much) water on the roots.
At the end of the season they will wilt, but they are not dead, as they are perennial (provided you keep them free from frost).

* Where to buy gerbera flowers? (in South Africa)
For the widest variety, we suggest Amablom Gerbera Nelspruit.
In Gauteng, visit Multiflora Flower Market.