Barberton Daisy Nursery

Barberton – Mpumalanga

Barberton Daisy Nursery lies at the foot of the Makhonjwa mountains, tucked away amongst the trees. For several years the owner, Daphne Upham, collected seeds of the Barberton Daisy to be planted in her extensive indigenous garden. The private property has become a botanical garden which is open to visitors and is a haven for birds.

In 2004, Daphne purchased an adjoining property and opened a retail indigenous nursery, specializing in Barberton Daises, which are available all year round. During the flowering season, which starts end of September and extends to mid June, the display is spectacular. The colors range from pure white, yellow, pink to a variety of natural hybrids, and of course the original orange/red remains a firm favorite.

Barberton Daisy Nursery
4 Hawkins Street
Barberton 1300
Tel: (013) 712 3303
Cel: 083 373 7128

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