Common questions about Wedding Gerberas

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1. Are gerberas on wedding cakes edible?
Gerberas are not an edible flower but are harmless as decorations on wedding cakes. They are a lovely accessory because of their bright colors and fan like shape which creates a perfect eye popping visual for wedding guests.

2. Is there a way to preserve a wedding bouquet?
Yes, there are actually several ways to preserve your wedding bouquet including drying, pressing and floral preservation. Drying and pressing are possible options depending on the types of blooms you are using. Floral preservation is an expert process which extracts the moisture from the petals, dehydrates and then seals the flowers to maintain their natural beauty. After this process, the bride has the option of artistic design, including shadow boxes, table displays and jewelry boxes.

3. What are the names of common high quality pink wedding gerberas?
A few dependable pink gerberas perfect for weddings are the Serena gerbera, which is hot pink, Pinky Eye and Pink Fantasy which are medium pink and Grizzly which is a double petal peachy pink gerbera. A favorite blush pink gerbera is Minette.

4. When are gerberas in season?
You can order gerbera daisies pretty much year round but try not to get hooked on ordering by a specific name. Choose a flexible color palette instead, to ensure a quality pick from your florist.

5. What are the best gerberas to order for a fall wedding?
It’s fun to stick to shades of red, yellow and orange during this time and there are some real beauties available. A strong orange gerbera is the Optima or the Candella gerbera. Classic Fabio, Entourage and Mateo are also within the autumn color scheme. Some gorgeous two toned gerberas recommended by Hilverda de Boer of Alsmeer, Holland are Mystique and Mexx.

6. Does a burgundy or chocolate colored gerbera actually exist?
Yes, they do! A beautiful burgundy gerbera is the Chateau gerbera. Gerbera Mythe is also a top choice by many buyers.

7. What are a couple of names of white gerberas suitable for weddings?The Bianca gerbera is a beautiful choice for a wedding gerbera. It has a green center and delicate white petals. If you are looking for a white gerbera with a black center, Husky is a great option!

8. How long do cut gerberas last?
The answer to this question really depends on the quality of the stems and the variety. Quality shipments of gerberas can last two to three weeks if they are taken care of properly, while a low quality gerbera can wilt after a day. Quality level is incredibly important when dealing with gerberas.

9. What is the smartest way to order gerberas from a florist for a wedding?
The most cost effective and high quality way to order wedding gerberas is to stick to a color theme and stay away from choosing specific names. Many times, the specific name will be very expensive and there are many alternatives that your well educated florist will know about.

10. What is the best way to arrange gerberas in centerpieces?
There are a few ways to create a beautiful look with gerberas. First, you can cut about an inch off the stem and simply drop the stems in a clear vase in either cylinder or square in shape. You can also manage gerbera successfully by using oasis which really helps to place the flower perfectly amongst the others in the arrangement.

Wedding bouquet

11. What is the proper technique to use when prepping the gerbera before arranging?
Cut about an inch off the stem and place them in a bucket of warm water, not hot! Then place the bucket in a cool area. Depending upon what they are being used for, you can also apply the tube around the head to prevent a week stem. Make sure you don’t touch the stems too often since they are susceptible to bruising.

12. What are some ways to create wedding bouquets using gerberas?
One way to make a beautiful and simple bouquet is to gather some stems in one hand and then wrap a color themed ribbon around the stems. Apply pearled pins down the center of the bouquet to finish the look!

13. If arranging your own wedding flowers, how long before should you order the gerberas from your florist?
It is safe to order them a month in advance and then pick them up a few days before the event. You might also be able to ask your florist for help in prepping them for you!

14. Is it wise to try to plant my own gerberas in order to save money on the flower budget?
No, this is a highly risky move and almost promises a disaster. If you are trying to cut back in budgeting, eliminate centerpieces and use easy votive candles instead and order only the flowers you choose to carry.

15. Can you put gerberas in oasis?
Yes you can! It isn’t wise to pre-arrange far in advance, but they will live for a few days in oasis, perfect to use for a wedding centerpiece. Make sure the oasis is thoroughly soaked through with warm water before applying the flowers.

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16. What are the significant symbols attached to the gerbera daisy?
The gerbera has many different meanings. One symbol attached to the gerbera is innocence. Other meanings include loyalty and cheerfulness. The most popular symbolic association with the gerbera is of course, happiness!