The Gerbera of Fall Weddings

The gerbera daisy has long been a favorite for many brides around the world. Whether they are used in bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, aisle petals or even as accessories in her hair, this particular flower has remained one of the most popular choices for weddings. Although many search out for a specific color when planning their floral displays, it is important to research the particular varieties available during their matrimonial season.

Certain types of gerbera daisies are cultivated at certain times of the year which usually allows for stronger heads, wider availability and sometimes even higher cost efficiency. Sticking to seasonal palettes is a wise decision during event planning, opting for shades that are darker during the winter and lighter hues during the summer months. If you are anticipating an autumn ceremony, here are a few deliciously decadent gerbera varieties that are perfect for your momentous celebration.

The Serena

The Serena gerbera is a luscious variety that is shaded in a dark pink with a dark center. Many believe that the color pink should be excluded from autumn weddings but this is certainly untrue. Fuchsia hued flowers make wonderful fall accents when combined with the right compliments. This is a wonderful choice to pair with other gerbera, including oranges and peaches, exuding an exciting seasonal color motif. It’s dependability is renowned and is strong headed to prevent weeping and drooping in centerpieces. Other substitutions for this variety are the “Picasso” and the “Dark Serena”.

The Calypso

The “Calypso” gerbera is a stunning choice for fall when searching for hues of orange. Possessing a dark center and frilled inner sepals, this bold choice makes autumn arrangements pop with the vibrancy of color and delicate outer petals. The best combination for the Calypso is to combine it with red, yellow or peach varieties to stun and awe wedding guests. Other substitutes for the “Calypso” can be “Orange Illusion”, “Milonga” or “Sirtaki”.

The Yellow River

A sensational yellow gerbera for this season is the “Yellow River” gerbera. Yet another strong headed variety, this bloom is known for its durability and density throughout its petals. This breed has a green center making it work well with other varieties of flowers in bridal work, including boutonnieres, bridal bouquets and aisle markers. Resembling the appearance of the sunflower, this particular type of gerbera makes an easy transition from summer to fall events, perfect for mid to late September weddings. Other similar yellow gerberas include “Kalika”, “Illusion” and “Chelsea”.

All images ©2010 Suzie Hearl Canale