The remarkable reaction on the bridal Gerbera Daisy

The gerbera daisy has been an undisputed favorite amongst many flower lovers for centuries. The unexplained “enchantment” surrounding this species brings an instantaneous joy to many, making it one of the most beloved varieties in the floral industry. Their instinctual reaction of elation has kept the fleur at an overwhelming demand and made them one of the highest requested cut flowers within the United States, China, South Africa and many European countries. Originating from Barberton, South Africa, the gerbera’s natural ability to create a stirring excitement for her beholder has raised the popularity of the gerbera around the world. The latest available statistics concur that 114,583 gerbera bunches (1 bunch is 1,000 stems) were shipped in the U.S. in 20071. As one of the highest imported flowers into the United States, the flower’s versatility in usage is boundless across several different occasions. One area of particular growth is within the wedding business.

Once deemed an “old fashioned” flower, the gerbera daisy is making a massive comeback as the desired feature in many wedding bouquets. Due to its ease of usage, longevity and abundance in variety, this bloom is winning the hearts of many as being a “must have” for their special day. One reason why popularity has soared is because of the introduction of modern hybrid assortments, such the funky purple hued Gerbera Viridifolia. This unique shade is ideal for fall weddings as it is a romantic compliment to many of the traditional red, orange, yellow and green hues typically seen at this time. Other stunning shades for autumn might include the orange, “Optima”, the crimson “Jaimy” or for that all-white affair, the flawless “Bianca” Gerbera.  
Another reason why this bloom is creating serious headway is its cost effectiveness and ability to stand alone in arrangements. With the undeniable existence of a recession, many brides are opting for this simple hand-held bouquet composed of either single or multi hued stems of gerbera daisies. By forgoing the complex larger bouquets and opting for a more unembellished ensemble, the bride not only brings the focus to herself, but she is undoubtedly saving herself a substantial amount of money. It only takes five to ten stems of an elite bloom to create and unforgettable reaction as a bridal bouquet, making the gerbera the perfect choice. Guaranteed to be a head turner, its simplicity in design allows the audacious petals to stand alone as the only necessary accessory to accompany a bride walking down the aisle.

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